• The American Coot

    The often overlooked American Coot is an abundant water bird found across the entire country. During the winter, the form large flocks in Florida and are a rowdy bunch with constant squabbles and entertainment

    The American Coot
  • Feeding Frenzy Film

    Take a look at the chaos of a feeding frenzy dominated by a wide variety of herons, egrets, spoonbills, storks, and more in the latest installment of the Nature Profiles series.

    Feeding Frenzy Film
  • Great Blue Heron Courtship

    Take a moment to learn about the beautiful displays that Great Blue Herons perform during their courtship and nest building.

    Great Blue Heron Courtship
  • Dawn in the Spatterdock

    Take three minutes to learn more about Spatterdock and the birds that use the Spatterdock as hunting grounds in the latest episode of Nature Profiles.

    Dawn in the Spatterdock

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Go “Behind the Lens”

Behind the Scenes shooting for Meet Your Neighbours aquarium setup.

This summer, I spent some time exploring the motivations behind Filming Florida and how the Behind the Lens series contributed to this project.

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Reddish Egret (Egretta rufescens).

Back in June, I was approached by a close friend and advisor who suggested that I consider taking a week to set aside what I was working on and attend an artists’ retreat at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies. The program is called Digging In! and is an opportunity for a group of documentary artists to come together for a week of intense independent work supplemented by small group discussions and meetings supporting each other as well as lots of fun and fellowship.

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